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5 valuable resources for energy efficiency in our home

A smart house is one that incorporates technology to manage resources efficiently. But how can we achieve more sustainable houses?

  • October 30, 2022
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Sustainable development and energy efficiency are two valuable resources for efficiency and care for the planet. In this sense, a smart home is one that incorporates technology to manage resources efficiently. But how can we achieve more sustainable houses?

In this article, Tecofix and Selectra help us better understand how energy efficiency can be achieved, through some of the current technological advances, and make your house a more sustainable place.

Great technological advances for sustainable housing

The technological sector contributed so that the houses are more and more adapted to this new reality. Innovations in devices and systems provide valuable resources for efficiency that help reduce carbon footprint, at the same time that improve comfort and quality of life. The conquests in this sense are increasingly significant.

The professionals use methods that respect the environment in all the building projects. In this way, we project green, intelligent and sustainable houses. Today, practically all the houses that are built have these elements in them. In many other cases, the buildings go through renovation processes to be more ecological.

The innovations for hearing combine emerging technologies with intelligent design. More specifically, we promote hygiene, health and well-being, together with the possibility of teleworking in the domestic digital ecosystem. Home automation, lighting control systems, heating and refrigeration or solar panels are some two examples.

About 40% of the carbon emissions in Western countries come from houses. Of this percentage, most of it is due to the use of heating and electricity. Therefore, despite two advances that make sense, citizens must be more aware and have a more active attitude towards energy management in their homes.

Sustainable development in your home: bet on 5 valuable resources for efficiency

Contributing to the creation of domestic spaces that are more respectful of the environment is not difficult. We can get isso if we opt for the following elements:

1. Controlled mechanical ventilation systems

Thanks to the adequate ventilation of the house, we avoid the abuse of heating or conditioning. Any manufacturer of controlled mechanical ventilation systems can offer various options. Likewise, we reduce the consumption, we improve the quality of the air and we can still power the electricity bill.

2. Solar panels

It is not something new, but it is to gain more and more favor from the market. As public policies commit to sustainable development, solar panels become more accessible. Solar energy is, without doubt, one of the most powerful renewable energies and that allows the production of its own energy that appears as clean.

Além disso, the most modern systems are more efficient than those that began to be used in the 70s. Currently, there are models that can be installed without the need for specialized technicians.

3. Solar powered water heaters

Conventional water heaters run on electricity or natural gas. On the other hand, those that work with solar energy are more efficient and economical. The operation is similar to that of the traditional heater, for both systems use water storage tanks. The price can be higher, but also a poupança. In truth, this percentage is around 50 to 80% in relation to conventional systems.

4. Smart water tanks

It is a way to collect and use rainwater. Likewise, we can water the plants, clean and use it for the cooling systems. Without question, it is a highly convenient strategy to promote sustainable development. Also, in countries like Portugal, it can be especially recommended, since in the absence of regular rain it leads to dry periods.

5.Smart technology

Intelligent technology is all technology that can perform calculations and various operations more typical of the human hand. Among these technologies we can find smartphones, home automation and artificial intelligence.

Smart technologies continue to evolve more every day. In recent years, with the arrival of various mobile and fixed internet offers on a large scale, we have become connected much longer than before, and have provided the evolution of two smart devices that also connect by force, and that through the network can be interconnected to obtain a better management and control.
Appliances, devices and systems will incorporate the Internet and at the same time be controlled remotely. We cannot avoid or use intelligent lighting, heating or refrigeration control systems. These manage to optimize the energy consumption, by adapting it to the real needs of each house.

In summary, the energy efficiency of houses is intimately linked to sustainable development.

Author: Dep. Marketing Tecofix