Do you want to renew your machine park? Are you looking for an economical and advantageous renting service?

Festool RentingPLUS service available at Tecofix


We have the ideal solution for you, providing you with high quality tools, the Festool RentingPLUS service!

What is Festool RentingPLUS?
Festool RentingPLUS is a renting service, aimed at companies/individual entrepreneurs, where it is possible to enjoy Festool products through fixed monthly installments for 36 months, without additional costs.

This service will be available for equipment rentals with a minimum value of €500 (VAT excluded). After the contracted lease period, you can negotiate with Tecofix the possibility of acquiring these tools.

Festool's All-Inclusive Guarantee is included in this service free of charge, with no need to take out property insurance, which represents savings of up to €250. You just have to register the tools on the Festool website or through your MyFestool account.

Which Festool products are covered by this service?
The entire range of Festool tools and accessories are covered by this service, and up to 30% of the total contracted value may be included in consumables.

Are Repairs included in this service?
During the duration of the rental agreement, there will be no costs associated with the repair of your machines, provided that the Festool All-Inclusive Warranty registration has been carried out within 30 days after the purchase of these tools in the Renting mode.

What are the advantages of this service?

- No expenses related to the contract;

- No usage fee;

- No automatic renewal of the contract, with the possibility of purchasing the tool for 4% of the purchase price;

- Maintains the company's liquidity;

- No influence on credit lines (GRENKE is not a banking institution);

- Tax benefits: Income and VAT 100% deductible;

- Monthly rents are fixed and do not change.

You can find more information about this service here.

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