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The Advantages of Zip-Clip Cable Suspension Systems

Adjustable steel cable suspension system

  • May 18, 2020

Zip Clip is an adjustable steel cable suspension system, integrated through a lockable accessory. The use of steel cables, associated with a respective Clip, according to different diameters and dimensions, allows for overcoming certain loads to be suspended (from 10Kg to 500Kg).

The Zip Clip system is divided into two parts:

- Rize System: steel cable supplied in a reel, associated with the respective Zip Clip, enabling a varied choice of applications, according to the loads to be suspended.

- System with fixing accessories: Steel cable with different lengths and terminals, and a Zip Clip according to the loads to be suspended.

The advantages of the Zip Clip system on site are immense: an integrated adjustment system, easy transport, easy application, reduced number of accessories, reduced labor cost, reduced installation vibrations compared to traditional system threaded rod (the threaded rod absorbs 50% of the vibrations, the cable system absorbs 75%), better seismic performance, reduced risk of accidents on site, and lightening of the structures incorporated in the systems.

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Author: Eng.º Joselito Pereira