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Eureka Safety (exclusive)

Y.Berger & Co is a family-owned textile company based in Sweden. Founded in 1959, has more than 60 years of experience in the field of fibers and technical fabrics. This knowledge, led to the creation of Eureka Safety, a range of high performance protection products.

Eureka's focus is on producing protective gloves for the most demanding jobs, particularly in industry. The vast knowledge in technical fibers served as a basis for the production of advanced and customized textile solutions, to satisfy the needs of all professionals.

This know-how allowed Eureka to implement new technologies, with a greater degree of sophistication, compared to the competition. Meeting the end user's requirements in terms of physical properties, the products are classified according to two axes, “cut resistance/user environment” and “humidity/temperature” for winter gloves.

The company manufactures a wide variety of safety gloves, including cold protection, cut and impact, vibration, assembly, and many others. To help the professional choose the right gloves for their type of work, the products have easy-to-understand names and descriptions that clearly identify their function.

Access the range of gloves, data sheets and declarations of conformity anywhere in the Eureka Safety App! Available for Android and iOS.