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Krino, founded in 1982, in Montevecchia, north of Milan, near the Swiss border, is part of an innovative industrial park, specialized in the production of cutting tools, since the early 1900s.

The development and growth of its activity, as a productive and logistical hub, led to the creation of a new industrial hub in Monticello Brianza. What contributed to the development of several lines of high quality tools, with full environmental responsibility.

Consulting the brand's catalogue, you can find out about its range of items, check the quality of its products, and meet the technical team responsible for Krino's success. The brand meets the commercial requirements for the distribution of products, and the technical knowledge necessary for their execution. All pages are easy to consult, with business information and technical notes.

All product classes are presented in sections, with explanatory methodologies for the selection of products, and several technical tables, for the use of the correct work parameters. Special attention is also given to the coating processes, which allow us to guarantee the effectiveness of the products in works under the most extreme conditions.