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Mustad (exclusive)

MUSTAD is now one of the largest European manufacturers of casehardened screws with its two production plants in Balangero and Pinerolo, both in the province of Turin. Every day, these plants manufacture millions of pieces which are sold both to the largest industrial companies and to distribution through qualified wholesalers in Italy and Europe.

The company’s philosophy based on continuous improvement has become the mentality of all Mustad employees and, in time, has been applied fully to the manufacturing process, irrespective of the screw manufactured and its purchaser.

The product range includes both special screws, based on a specific customer design, and various families of screws, designed to meet the needs for fixing to various types of material (wood, plastic, sheet metal and other types of metal…)

Over the past few years, the company has also paid greater attention to the “service” aspect, fundamentally important and present along the entire production chain. From the continuous broadening of the ranges, always in line with the development of materials, to the management of large warehouses always ready for immediate delivery, from the IT connections with the largest customers to consultancy for customers by specialized technicians to resolve fixing problems and consequently design specific custom-made products.