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Paslode (exclusive)

Paslode (exclusive)

Innovative brand, leader in fastening for wooden construction

Founded in 1935, in the United States, the PASLODE brand has more than 80 years of experience, which allowed it to revolutionize the history of construction since the 60s, with the introduction of the first pneumatic nailer.

In 1986, they launched the first gas wood nailer, the IMPULSE. This development led to numerous improvements in the working conditions of construction professionals, related to the mobility, productivity and safety of these professionals.

In 2002, the PASLODE brand joins the company SPIT in France, starting to be marketed through the same sales channels, now with a wide range of fastening solutions of high quality and performance, and products such as nailers and staplers.

As a pioneer in the design and manufacture of cordless, gas powered tools with patented clamping technology, Paslode continues to provide a wide range of tools and clamping systems whose quality and performance are already recognized by construction professionals!