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ZIP-CLIP (exclusive)

Who is Zip-Clip?

Established in 2004, Zip-Clip is a manufacturer of high specification suspension systems for all industrial, HVAC, electrical, mechanical and signage requirements. It has a range of innovative products designed for speed and ease of use.

All suspension elements are designed with a focus on quality and safety:
- The clip is manufactured from high quality zinc alloy;
- The sintered metal wedge, soaked in oil, is designed to offer the best locking solution;
- The stainless steel spring ensures that the wedge clamps to the former;
- The high strength galvanised steel cable, complies with the latest European standards. 

What are the advantages of Cable Suspension?

Using cable suspension offers many advantages, among the main ones:

- Performance: guarantees loads between 15kg and 500kg, to respond to various applications. Each 100m of cable corresponds to 33 threaded rods of 3 metres each;

- Speed: reduction in working time and costs. It increases installation speed, being around 6 times faster than traditional systems. It requires less material and is therefore easier to store and transport;

- Compliance: fully tested system, with a safety factor of 5:1;

- Aesthetics: quality design that strives for simplicity, using minimal materials and components to achieve the best solutions. The Zip-Clip concept boils down to the essential, without ever compromising on performance. In many cases, the systems favour the architectural aesthetics of buildings;

- Made-to-measure solutions: customised suspension systems, suitable for the most difficult projects. They give you greater flexibility, to find solutions for all your projects.