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Anchors in sculpture alluding to the city of Ourém

Case Study: Anchors in sculpture alluding to the city of Ourém

  • December 13, 2021

As part of the requalification of Jardim da Corredoura in Ourém, we shared an application of Spit Epcon C8 Xtrem resin, in a work that will remain as a regional reference.

The technical department was asked to carry out a feasibility study on the construction process concerning the anchors, for the creation of a sculpture alluding to the city of Ourém. The sculpture is composed of an upper structure with 3.8t, another intermediate structure with 1.75t, and a base with 3.25t, as well as an anchor, consisting of a metallic element of 4 upper anchors of 30mm, and 3 lower ones of 30mm.

Tecofix | Case study: Renovation of the Corredoura Garden in Ourém

The design of the anchors was in charge of the Engineering Department of Tecofix, S.A. where the biggest challenge was to understand the influence of the structural geometric elements, in relation to the requested or inherent efforts. The method of execution of the seals was reviewed, and changes to the plan were recommended, with the creation of notches or cuts in the bars, in order to provide an increase in adhesion of the bar to the materials.

As they are not threaded or ribbed rods, some discussion could arise regarding the drilling diameter to be carried out. To clarify the matter, the seals were made with a diameter of 40mm. The intermediary element of the sculpture, not being originally conceived to be a structural element, could have contributed to the stability of the pieces, so we advised filling the gaps in the metallic structure with epoxy resin. It's important that there is no shrinkage, contraction of the resin after curing, a property only available to 100% epoxy resin.

The order of application of the seals was also studied, and these were applied first to the upper sculpture, and only a posteriori was the lower seal carried out, in order to guarantee that they would be applied in optimal conditions, in accordance with the technical approvals that this resin has. For the lower sealing, it was necessary to resort to lifting means, which remained during the curing process.

The seals were made using 100% epoxy resin, type SPIT EPCON C8 XTREM, having the most advanced certifications for extreme situations.

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Author: Eng.º Joselito Pereira