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Waterstop joint fixing in irrigation canal

Case study: Waterstop joint fixing in irrigation canal

  • March 07, 2022

A study was carried out for the execution of 6000ml of joint, 200mm wide, of the Imperstop BL 200 type, to be applied over an existing concrete channel, for the rehabilitation of a channel integrated in the hydro-agricultural exploitation of Vale do Sado.

The solution proposed for the execution of the fixation to the concrete was through direct fixation, with the Spitfire P370 and nail CR9-35TP, through a test to be carried out. A previous test was carried out, at the Tecofix, S.A. test center, in Leiria, in order to understand the behavior of the membrane, with the driving of the nail, through an impact of 340 joules.

Tecofix | Case study: Waterstop joint fixing in irrigation canal

The result was conclusive, the fixing in a C20/25 concrete was performed perfectly, not being possible to remove the sample by manual force. It was therefore imperative to test its viability on the job site, due to the fact that the existing concrete was already a few decades old.

On-site tests were carried out with the various idealized nails, of different lengths, and firing calibers from the brown disc to the yellow, with power regulation of the shooting machine.

In conclusion, the solution with the best performance was based on the use of the CR9P nail, with a 35mm plastic washer. Its application was planned in quincunx, at the rate of 4 per meter, with distances of 500mm between the upper and lower lines. In fixing the concrete membrane next to the existing joints, the fixing was not achieved, however this area will be rehabilitated with concrete, within a margin of 500mm, thus creating an adequate support for the fixing. The remaining existing concrete areas have sufficient strength to withstand direct fixing.

Tecofix | Case study: Waterstop joint fixing in irrigation canal

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Author: Eng.º Joselito Pereira