Sistema de suspensão por cabo de aço com regulação

Zip-Clip is an adjustable steel cable suspension system, integrated through a lockable accessory. The use of steel cables, associated with a respective Clip, according to different diameters and dimensions, allow to overcome certain loads to be suspended (from 10Kg to 500Kg).

The Zip-Clip system is divided into two parts:

- Rize System: steel cable supplied in a reel, associated with the respective Zip-Clip, allowing a wide choice of applications, according to the loads to be suspended.

- System with fixing accessories: Steel cable with different lengths and terminals, and a Zip-Clip according to the loads to be suspended.

The advantages of the Zip-Clip system on site are immense: an integrated adjustment and adjustment system, easy transport, easy application, reduction in the quantity of accessories, reduction in labor costs, reduction in installation vibrations compared to traditional systems of threaded rod (the threaded rod absorbs 50% of the vibrations, the cable system absorbs 75%), better seismic performance, reduction of the risks of accidents on site, and lightening of the structures incorporated in the systems.

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